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Pumpkin Season >:)

Hi guys!!!

Happy Holidays, be it Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain, the prologue to Winter Solistice...

Things have been extremely busy the past few months, and with a shit ton of change in the air.

But as usual, I'm full of secrets, and most of it I am not at liberty to disclose just yet...even though I'm just dying to tell you all.

BUT! As it's one of my favorite times of year, I cooked up a spur-of-the-moment treat for my favorite group of deviants. >:)

This past Sunday we decided to record a cover song by one of my favorite bands, the legendary MISFITS. We recorded the song live at Chalice Recording Studios in Hollywood and the filmed a music video between the hours of midnight and 3am on Oct 31st. So you know it has some spooky vibes.

Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen on such short notice!


After we released the video on Halloween, I had some people over to help celebrate the macabre festivities. We drank mulled wine while I cooked stew and baked. It was perfect!

And ever since then I've been on a pumpkin binge. So far there has been pumpkin pie & pumpkin soup. Next on the list is pumpkin alfredo pasta, pumpkin & sage biscuits, pumpkin muffins..

I don't know why I have never bought and eaten an entire pumpkin before but I am now obsessed. It's so much fun! But then, I fucking love to cook. And eat!! PUMPKIINNNNNN O_0

I wish I could somehow share this pumpkin pie that with all of you as well. It was fucking MAGICAL.

Peace, kittlings xo

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