Despite growing up in a relatively sheltered household to christian missionary parents, Raylin has always been "bad to the bone," an endearing term gifted to her by her Grandfather Ray. Singing for as long as she can remember, she began recording her little songs that she made up around the same time that she started writing and illustrating short stories, when she was about 5 years old. Always a story teller, Raylin learned to use art in its many mediums to express herself from a young age. Growing up, soul and funk were always on the radio and it also played a heavy influence. She didn't begin exploring music in a predominant fashion until years later in her teens when she began rebelling against what was deemed as "normal", discovering her love of alternative cultures, the world of fetishism and some good old fashioned rock and roll. It catapulted her into a path of self discovery and expression through various artistic and taboo outlets, dipping her toe into as many different things as possible in a pursuit to "try everything twice". 

 Growing up in Scotland, she originally aspired to be a stage and film actress leaving high school at age 15 to study her further education at college. But her deviant curiosity equaled with her vivacious nature and sexual freedom led her to model nude, an event that had such positive impact on  her self confidence and feelings of empowerment that she made it the main focus in her life. Delving even deeper into alternative ways of thinking and frequenting the best fetish clubs in Europe, she voraciously explored, becoming a successful London agency signed fetish & glamor model before eventually choosing to dive even deeper, becoming a house hold name as "Skin Diamond", erotica entrepreneur, winner of multiple xxx awards, and a legend among her peers.


Raylin Joy / Madame Skin currently performs as singer/songwriter, professional Dominatrix, actress, model, performance artist and occasional DJ while residing in Los Angeles with her three cats & three snakes.


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